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Track the rankings on your web site, simply enter your chosen search phrases to track and run a report. You can compare the rankings over time allowing you to watch out for issues that may arise.

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Our keyword rank checker software helps you to keep an eye on your web sites position in Google and Bing on your chosen keyword search phrases. You can download and install a copy now and start using it straight away.

Simply follow these easy steps;

Insert your web site address
Insert the search phrases you want to know the rankings for
Select which search engines you would like to check
Run your Ranking Report Free of Charge

It couldn’t be easier click here to download your copy of the Rank Checker Software now.

We all know that google gives preference in it search results to local listings and whilst your web site may well rank on the front page of results in one country, a different country will have a totally different set of results.


Our rank checker software allows you to check your rankings in over 170 countries worldwide. Helping you to get accurate local results wherever you are located.


By checking your rankings in both your local country and the main .com search engine and by neighbouring countries you can get a much better idea of what people are actually seeing and where you stand.